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Оксана Мартыненко ("ДАНКОР - ГЛУХОВ") (101 | Поделитесь вашим мнением )

Gluhovchanka Tatiana (name changed) was overjoyed at the appearance of micro loan points. A separate table in the hall of a huge hardware store represents a particular bank. From the staff — just a young girl inspector.

At the family council, Tanya and her husband decided to use the services of a neighboring office and buy a TV. For household appliances had to pay 890 USD, the couple also had only 500.

After paying the cashier UAH 500, 390 have issued consumer credit.

By topic

As it became known to the newspaper «deaf», the inspectors said the bank has repeatedly offered gluhovchanam draw their bogus cards. Explained that they simply «off plan».

Of citizens to demand quite a bit of a passport and a code. Not knowledgeable in banking affairs of the people explained that they, ie, «Customers», from this have nothing to lose. Their name will be wound up credit card with 3000 USD on the account. The main condition — the money is not touched. Let the lie itself. Before the expiry of the contract. Then the card is closed and invalidated. All easy and simple, nobody owed nothing to anybody. But the rising figures for superiors say, there is so much in Glukhov customers!

Trust but verify

Inspector when you make a loan agreement made in 2 copies of copies of passport and identification code of Tatiana. And one certified by the client’s records and signatures, plus add your own. All these papers be attached to documents lending.

After Tanya left the store, the inspector falsified records on behalf of the client on the second copy of the passport and the code. A similar trick is done and the loan documents.

These machinations of the bank representative was not enough. She decided to use someone else’s data for their own purposes and on. By the principle of walking the whole hog! Unbeknownst Tatiana opened in her name card account. Thus had the opportunity to use the facilities of the bank at 500 UAH. Money appropriated immediately dispose of them at its own discretion.

The farther into the woods, the wood is

Next victim mahinatorshi not long to wait. In a credit point asked Marina (name changed). Woman came to get a credit card for 3 ths. During the procedure of registration client to call relatives and dissuaded from the services of the bank. He promised himself to borrow money to Marina. She immediately informed the inspector to refuse the loan and went home.

Bank employee, who had until then make copies of documents failed client, the procedure has not stopped. Credit card has issued. Naturally without informing the owner of the passport and the code. All necessary records and signatures forged on behalf of the Marina.

During the 6-day inspector has done nine such operations by setting 2900 UAH. Was hoping an enterprising employee of the bank is known only to her. A defrauded client contacted the police.

Receive any comments from the bank’s management failed. In Glukhov are only the inspectors, the entire administration — in the regional center. Communicating only by telephone and then by members of credit points. Those, in turn, filtered calls and convey to the boss only what they want.

A spokeswoman for the bank declined to give a telephone number of his chief reporter «Glukhova. Inspector herself called the authorities and informed about the purpose of the visit of the newsman. Head bluntly refused to talk to the press. What can we say about people who buy on credit a thing for 800 USD, moreover, is not versed in the laws? It turns out to seek justice at all unrealistic.

Do you use credit? Do you trust the credit card?

Oksana Demeshko, dealer shop «Zooworld»

— Loans will not take. Bye. Wages can not: nothing to pay the interest.

Tatyana and Yelena SERDYUK Polikarpov hairdresser

— Loans are not available to those who receive the minimum wage. Therefore, we do not use them.

Fedor Burik, retired

— With banks’m friends for many years, but loans do not take ever.

Victor F. FETISCHENKO, director of industrial and commercial firm «Landmark»

— With credit to communicate do not want to — it is destiny youth, who lives one day.

Alla Vanino consultant company products, «Dr. Nona»

— Credits — this overpaid money. It would be better to accumulate the required amount.


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